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Moore High Counseling

Welcome to Moore High School

We have 7 academic counselors and a career specialist that provide several services for our student body of over 2600. The counselors are available to help students with academic guidance in meeting requirements for graduation, provide students with information on post-secondary schooling and careers, and help students deal with personal challenges. The students are assigned to counselors by their last name, and will remain with their counselor until graduation. This provides the counselors with an enhanced opportunity to better get to know and guide your student.

Need to see your counselor? Click HERE.


MHS Counseling Center(405)735-4716
Counselors (Locate your counselor by finding the first letter of the student's last name):
Melanie Wilkinson (P, S, X) (405)735-4725
Sherre Brauer (C, D, N) (405)735-4721
Polly Choate (B, L, O) (405)735-4720
Amy Decker (H, K, T, Y) (405)735-4718
Carla Ford (G, J, R) (405)735-4732
Michael Vanderburg (A, F, Q, W, Z) (405)735-4761
Sarah Wangen (E, I, M, U, V) (405)735-4715

Krissa Cavnar (Career Specialist) (405)735-6150
Lori Stuart-Worth (Mental Health Professional) (405)735-4794
Brenda Grant (MNTC Liaison)

MHS Registrar Office (405)735-4717