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General Information:
         Enrollment:  2,725
         Grades:  9-12
         Mascot:  Lions
         Colors:  Red/White/Blue
Graduation Requirements:
        English:  4 units
        Math:  3 units
        Science:  3 units
        Social Studies:  3.5 units
         Computer Ed/World Language   2 units

        Fine Arts: 1 unit
          Personal Financial Literacy:  .5 units
          Total units for Graduation:  23 units 

Graduation Intentions:
        Attend a 4 year college:  53%
        Attend a 2 year college:  31%
        Other:  16%

Grading Scale:
          A = 90-100        B = 80-89
            C = 70-79            D = 60-69
            F = Below 60
GPA is based on a 4.0 scale.  AP and Honor classes are weighted with an A as 5.0.   Senior rankings and GPA’s are based on seven semesters and are weighted. 

AP Courses Offered
  AP Language and Comp.
  AP Literature and Comp.
  AP Calculus, AB and BC
  AP Statistics
  AP Chemistry
  AP Computer Science
  AP Physics, B and C
  AP Biology
  AP U.S. Government
  AP U. S. History
  AP World History
  AP European History
  AP Psychology
  AP 2D Art
  AP 3D Art
  AP French Language IV
  AP French Language V
  AP Spanish Language
  AP Spanish V
  AP Music Theory

0 Hour -- begins 7:18
1st Hour -- begins 8:20
6th Hour -- ends 3:05